Specialist tools are a hard thing to shop for nowadays, all the big companies try throwing toys at you with so many bells and whistles you’re not quite sure if it has the drilling capabilities you require or if its just another plastic imitation that would be more use in the kitchen than on your site. Machine Mart have been the leading provider of specialist tools in the UK for years now and the reason is simple. They offer a fantastic range of high quality tools and products for prices that are extremely competitive within this market. Machine Mart have over 60 stores across the UK but they also have a fantastic online shopping section which you can use to find just the tool for the job and have it swiftly delivered to your door.

Featuring a brand list that reads like a who’s who of the machine world you will find great names like Makita, DeWalt and CAT, all have their top products available online through Machine Mart. And if you take advantage of the great delivery options that they have then your new tools could be with you the very next day and ready to go to work, saving you valuable waiting around time, which can prove costly when your building but your crew is just waiting for their kit. Products such as the Dewalt Dcd925B2 18 Volt 13Mm Xrp Heavy Duty Cordless Hammer Drill, comes with a staggering £53 off the rep when you order it online, not only is this probably one of the top cordless drill around at the moment but to be able to buy it and save over £50 is amazing and just one of the money saving offers that Machine Mart have available everyday.

Another great way to use Machine Mart is with their classic mail order catalogue, if your onsite and dont have access to a computer then just a quick browse through the catalog will help you find the right tool for the job as and when you need it and after a simple phone call to their ordering line you will find the product being swiftly delivered to help you get immediately back to work and on with the job in hand. What isn’t always in the catalog though and is one of the greatest features of their website is the clearance section, updated all the time it features some amazing tools and equipment that may have been last years model, for bargain prices. This is one of the greatest ways to save money with Machine Mart.

Smoking is the number 1 killer in the world today. Smoking related diseases killed more people in the 20th Century that both World Wars. We know this, and yet it is still done the World over. People in the western world have know the dangers of smoking and have been under attack from anti-smoking groups from many a year now.Both socially and financially the smoker has suffered. The average price for a packet of cigarettes in the UK is now £7. And the amount of public places you can enjoy your cigarettes in now 0.

The problem is this is not new information to the smoker. He knows the things are killing him, costing him a fortune and turning him into a social outcast. He has little option but to quit. All the non-smoker says to him is “just stop smoking”. If it was this easy do you not think he would have done so by now.

This is why I believe the Electronic Cigarette or E-Cig is the single biggest answer to stop people doing this. In nearly every way possible it acts like a cigarette, taste like a cigarette and has the feel in your hand of a cigarette. True your still suppling your body with nicotine, but no longer are you inhaling 100’s of other carcinogenic poisons into your lungs. And with the E-Liquids, which is what turns into vapour and gives off the “smoke”, you can slowly reduce the nicotine every time you need to change your vapour. So you can eventually be smoking no nicotine at all and not even have any smoking withdrawals.

The other main advantage to the switch is the financial saving. You can save an absolute fortune by changing from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones. As we stated before the price of a packet of cigarettes is £7 in the UK and $14 in areas of the US. You can also buy E-Cigs over the internet so you can shop around for the best price for your cigarettes. One of the biggest retailers in the UK are an online company called E-Lites, and have a great selection of cigarettes and cigars. To make even bigger savings you do online searches for promotions that they are running. A great site to get these savings is E-Lites voucher code.

I hope by reading this you can make the switch and hopefully the change will spread and end the rain of the cigarette.

The answer to this question is not as obvious to me as it may seem, especially given the names of the 3 bikes I’ve short listed it to. The commute to work can throw up many obstacles in your path, left turning cars not seeing you, school children stepping out 2 foot in front of you and dreaded buses stopping and closing you in. It’s for this reason, and many others cyclists face, that you have to think carefully before decided which bike to go far to get to work and back in one piece.

Let’s start with the commuter bike, or town bike, as they are sometimes referred to. These may sound like the perfect choice but they have there pitfalls too. These bikes are built to withstand uneven roads and the occasional kerb bump, and are pretty good on the flats to. It helps when deciding to know what your ride to work is going to be like. If it’s all fast smooth cycle lanes, which is rare, then you maybe want to opt for the faster road bike. If your ride to work takes you on a short cut of a dirt track quarry then a mountain bike is the choice for you. But more than likely if you just an average commuter who doesn’t do much cycling outside of the city then this is the bike for you. Chain Reaction Cycles do some great commuter bikes. This one here is the best we’ve seen around for the price.

Now, if you’re a commuter that likes to take his bike into the rough stuff at the weekend, then by no means do you want to show up for a good bit of down hilling on a commuter. So, if you can’t afford 2 bikes, which is most of us as they are not a cheap item, then a mountain bike is what your after. I won’t go into which is the best one for you as this is a very broad category and massively depends on what kind of mountain biking you’re into. All I would suggest is getting one that you can lock out the suppression for your rides to work, and maybe two sets of wheels and tyres. One of the mountain and one for the road, just to make your trip to work a little easier. Bike Radar have a great forum on mountain bikes for you to take a look at.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to get out on the smith roads on a weekend getting some big miles in, and your ride to work is pretty smooth on good roads, then a road bike is a good choice. By far the fastest way of getting to work. But unfortunately also the most expensive. The price of these can go high. To find some great deals of these then go here for good discount codes on bikes.

We hope this little article made this choice a little easier, and thanks for taking the time to read it.