The answer to this question is not as obvious to me as it may seem, especially given the names of the 3 bikes I’ve short listed it to. The commute to work can throw up many obstacles in your path, left turning cars not seeing you, school children stepping out 2 foot in front of you and dreaded buses stopping and closing you in. It’s for this reason, and many others cyclists face, that you have to think carefully before decided which bike to go far to get to work and back in one piece.

Let’s start with the commuter bike, or town bike, as they are sometimes referred to. These may sound like the perfect choice but they have there pitfalls too. These bikes are built to withstand uneven roads and the occasional kerb bump, and are pretty good on the flats to. It helps when deciding to know what your ride to work is going to be like. If it’s all fast smooth cycle lanes, which is rare, then you maybe want to opt for the faster road bike. If your ride to work takes you on a short cut of a dirt track quarry then a mountain bike is the choice for you. But more than likely if you just an average commuter who doesn’t do much cycling outside of the city then this is the bike for you. Chain Reaction Cycles do some great commuter bikes. This one here is the best we’ve seen around for the price.

Now, if you’re a commuter that likes to take his bike into the rough stuff at the weekend, then by no means do you want to show up for a good bit of down hilling on a commuter. So, if you can’t afford 2 bikes, which is most of us as they are not a cheap item, then a mountain bike is what your after. I won’t go into which is the best one for you as this is a very broad category and massively depends on what kind of mountain biking you’re into. All I would suggest is getting one that you can lock out the suppression for your rides to work, and maybe two sets of wheels and tyres. One of the mountain and one for the road, just to make your trip to work a little easier. Bike Radar have a great forum on mountain bikes for you to take a look at.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to get out on the smith roads on a weekend getting some big miles in, and your ride to work is pretty smooth on good roads, then a road bike is a good choice. By far the fastest way of getting to work. But unfortunately also the most expensive. The price of these can go high. To find some great deals of these then go here for good discount codes on bikes.

We hope this little article made this choice a little easier, and thanks for taking the time to read it.