February 2017

Just like everyone’s smile is unique and different, so is every person’s dental formula. While some people have perfect teeth and dental arrangements, others have overcrowded teeth, or overgrown teeth. This is perfectly normal, no one chooses what kind of dental formula they want for themselves. But they can choose whether to live that way, or to seek professional assistance in remedying any dental deformities.  Invisalign has emerged as one of the most popular and effective ways to rectify overgrown or overcrowded teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is basically a treatment option that makes use of clear plastics that are designed and shaped like your teeth, to align them and help teeth grow in a desired manner. They are very effective and hard to notice, because they are designed to look just like your normal teeth.

How does invisalign work?

The growth of teeth is a continuous process; dentists and orthodontists can dictate and determine the direction and manner of your teeth growth. They do so by designing the invisalign pieces for you, then inserting them next to your teeth. As the teeth grow gradually, they are pushed, repositioned, and made to follow a certain designed formula. Invisalign or known as invisible braces is thus an effective treatment option for correcting overcrowded or overgrown teeth.

Invisalign will be worn for 2 weeks at most, before being replaced by another set. This is done for the duration that your dentist or orthodontist has recommended.

Is invisalign better than other options?

Clearly, invisalign is a better option compared to the traditional metal braces. There are no wires to tighten or the discomfort that comes with tasting metal in your mouth. Besides, invisalign is designed in such a way that you can eat almost all foods without any problem. It is easier to take care of invisalign than it is for ceramic braces also.

Are there habits one should avoid while using invisalign?

Yes, some habits like sticking a sharp object or a toothpick between your teeth should be avoided. Doing so scratches and damages the invisalign, which may affect your smile as well as tamper with the growth design of your teeth especially if it’s for adults braces.. On the same breath, very sticky foods like chocolates or very hot fluids are to be consumed in moderation. Invisalign is often made of plastic material, and it may not go down very well with very hot fluids, or sticky foods.

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