3 Amazing Home Away From Home Destinations

Thanks to the internet and companies like airbnb, i is now easier to pick an ideal holiday destination without much trouble. Initially, one would have to rely or ask friends on the best destinations they had visited and what their experience was. However, today you just need to do a quick search online. The fact that Airbnb lets guests share their experiences and memorable moments means that you can get all the details you need within a short time. When looking for an amazing home away from home destination, there are some quick things you must ask yourself;


  • Are you traveling alone, or with a family? The presence of small children often means that you have to pick a destination that satisfies all of you; traveling alone on the other hand doesn’t pose much challenges.
  • What’s the duration of your stay? A week, month, or more than that? A destination may appear to be the perfect home away from home place for a day or two; afterwards, you get bored and yearn for more fun activities to indulge in.
  • What’s your budget? The more money you are willing to spend, the more likely you’ll have a perfect destination to try out.

With these three considerations now answered, let’s look at some of the top 3 amazing home away from home destinations;

  1. Bali, Indonesia; Bali is a popular holidaying destination that offers a homely environment for all. It’s ideal for families with small children looking for a fun destination to holiday.
  2. South Africa; South Africa boasts not just of magnificent beaches, but also the famous Kruger National Park. Here, visitors can enjoy game drives in their own cars, and get a glimpse of hundreds of wild animals including the ever shy leopard, in their natural habitat. This destination is ideal for couples or groups that don’t necessarily want to bring their children along.
  3. Barcelona; Barcelona is also a good destination; the hospitality industry here offers a home away from home experience. The food and Mediterranean cuisine is mouth watering, the weather is favorable and better still, the accommodation is quite affordable. Most UK residents looking for a perfect destination within Europe that has favorable weather and a vibrant culture always opt for Barcelona. However, you’ll need to do your bookings early as the accommodation can be hard to secure especially around June onwards.

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